lesbian geek spiral bound to end in tears.

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shae. 25. i like wheels on my feet, badass ladies, elephants, tea, and telling stories.

i have a deep, vested interest in many things. most involve imaginary people. but sometimes i get an itch to try and change the real world, too.

actual real life girlfriends: kristen stewart, rihanna, gillian anderson, lena headey, samira wiley, evelyne brochu, kate mckinnon, hayley atwell, demi lovato, crystal reed, kaya scodelario, danielle haim.

we all have great relationships.

though i be but little, i am Fierce.

luv u nicki

luv u nicki

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#nicki minaj  #her minajesty  #love the skin you're in  #body positvity  #realness 
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    Even Nicki Minaj Doesn’t agree with the media.
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